Simplicity is my motto. I know very well that devils line in details. I would say my photography style is timeless, minimal, and fresh. You can find soft colour tone from my photos. I do not prefer under or overexposed photos, lest the photos lose details.


I am always up for trying new ideas. I have photographed couples dressed up as their older selves, bubble bath boudoir or even bride in an all-black gown. I’m grateful for clients resting their trust on me in executing these unconventional yet fun ideas. As a professional at the creative industry, i believe we should constantly generate novel ideas for clients, not just repeating the same set of routine every time. Staying in comfort zone is easy. But for me, it also means boredom. That’s why I’m always coming up with original ideas to be put in my shoots.


Styling is essential to any exceptional wedding photos. I have worked closely with editors and stylists from brands like Elle, Tatler and Cosmopolitan. I thus know very well even a small mistake at styling can make a huge impact on the whole. Therefore I care a lot about styling --you can expect me scrutinizing a veil.

We are a team:

A successful photoshoot lines in the cooperation between photographers and models. Please cooperate with the photographer, if you wish to find the best quality in your photos. Never hesitate to communicate with the photographer should you face any problems. Be well-prepared before the photoshoot: from showing up with positive energy to arranging props.  

You are my models when you registered for a plan with me. Many have the misconception that they don’t have to deal with anything and let the photographer take charge of everything. Please remember: we are a team together. Trust me, your active participation in the process makes a lot of difference.

I may not be the only photographer for your wedding, but I hope I will be the most easy-going and fun photographer you’ve met.





General Question:

1. 你們是已經商業登記?



建議至少pre wedding: 半年,wedding day:一年

3. 除了拍攝服務之外,你們還有提供什麼服務?

除了拍攝服務之外,造型是SKP其中一個特點。Sophia 認為一輯的好照片,不只是攝影師的功勞,所以我們對於美感的要求是非常高。我們由化妝造型、服裝、花球,even頭紗等細節我們都會go through 。

3. How to secure my booking? Deposit can be refunded?

50% deposit to secure your booking. 50% deposit would not be refunded, exchanged or transferred under any circumstances.

4. 你們有studio嗎?可以在你的studio拍照嗎?

我們studio位於葵涌,暫時未有提供studio shooting。如需要studio拍照,我們可以安排適合的studio

5. What is online confirm?

You place deposit before meeting with Sophia

6. 假設我們online confirm,咁之後仲有無會唔會見面?


7. Are you shooting with film or digital?

We only shoot digital. We believe a professional photographer can create good images no matter using what camera or lens.

8. What high resolution photos?

Above 3mb. Enough for canvas / album printing

All photos are in high-resolution, which means the photos are at least 3mb. 

9. How long we receive photos?

Photos will be delivered to the Client within 12-15 weeks.

10. Do you edit the photos and can we get back all raw files?

All images are personally edited by me. No raw files & original photos will be returned



Engagement/Pre Wedding/Bridal Portraits/Boudoir :



Who is the makeup artist?

A make up artist list will be sent to you after deposit made. You can choose you favourite artist based on our list. 如果表上沒有你心水的化妝師,你依然可以自己找適合的化妝師

What are your policy in terms of inclement weather and re-scheduling?

In case of inclement weather our photoshoot will be re-scheduled free of charge, but the re-scheduling willbe decided 2 days before the shooting.  . Overcast or cloudy weather 會有少許不同。請注意陰天的照片無法PS成陽光明媚。陰天拍出來有陰天的特色,晴天拍有晴天的特色。